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Lucie de Syracuse is a French artist who creates enchanting and spellbinding universes under old bridal globes. Each work invites a meticulous exploration of these enchanted worlds caught between dreams and mysteries sealed for eternity.

« Each time, think out loud. Not to be afraid of talking to ghosts. Talk by yourself.

In one's kitchen. Make coments. Make up stories. For all, for nothing. For nothing.

For noone. Forsomeone. Alive or dead.

Not to be afraid of silhouettes. Dig deep into the smokescreen. To preserve and take care of the little things. Shelter the dreams, put them up like old friends. In the corners of the brain, water them. Then make introductions. Live together.

Pick a fight and make peace. Make love. Have lunch and raise one's glass. Sleep a little. Smile. Open up to a sea of caress. Devote to daydreaming. Reach out for the inner self. Clamber it up if necessary.

Make a detour.Take sideroads as long as the devil. Outline. Bend. Zigzag. Exagerate.

Restore the colors, the shared light.

Not to apologise for letting your mind ramble. Jump from A to Z »   


Lucie de Syracuse

Lucie de Syracuse -

« Toujours à minuit, il se fait une fente minuscule entre le jour qui finit et celui qui commence, et qu’une personne très adroite qui parviendrait à s’y glisser sortirait du temps et se trouverait dans un royaume indépendant de tous changements que nous subissons; à cet endroit sont entassées toutes les choses que nous avons perdues, les poupées cassées des enfants (…) .» 

Rilke, Lettre à Balthus, 18 février 1921

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